Definition of muru in English:



mass nounNZ
  • (in Maori culture) a raid undertaken as a punishment for an offence against the community.

    ‘the year was a troubled one, with threats of muru’
    • ‘It took revenge, if you like, muru, on the land that was held collectively.’
    • ‘The apology for the muru had to be delivered to the ancestors.’
    • ‘A muru would redress an intentional offence and could also be instituted for unintentional affronts or offences.’
    • ‘It has set out to take any concept of muru out of justice.’
    • ‘Shame becomes irrelevant and toothless when it is separated from the consequences, so there is muru.’
    • ‘Infringements such as accidental wounding of oneself or others, and adultery, were common causes of the muru being set in operation.’
    • ‘The protocols and practices involved in muru would be determined by various factors, including the degree of the offence and the intent of the offending party.’
    • ‘A Maori in such cases would consider himself to be slighted if he were not half-ruined by "muru."’
    • ‘Maori Culture practiced Muru and that carries through to this day.’
    • ‘Muru was a means for seeking justice in traditional Maori society.’


Mid 19th century: Maori.