Definition of murram in English:



mass noun
  • A form of laterite (clayey material) used for road surfaces in tropical Africa.

    • ‘But before the man driving the rollers came back, a number of trucks were deployed to dump huge mounds of murram every 800 metres, which was then mixed with lime and spread down the sides of the road.’
    • ‘Soon we were bouncing down the murram road in the opposite direction.’
    • ‘We have one highway which on reaching Namungalwe, you branch off to the left and there we have a murram road.’
    • ‘If murram or good quality clay is not available, use sand for filling with adequate watering.’
    • ‘In order to make these roads passable during rainy season, grading them to murram status is ongoing.’
    • ‘Many of the roads are murram and without signs.’
    • ‘After about a 20 minutes drive from Kafu, we diverted to a murram road on the right, which I was told is a short-cut route to Apac, the most southern of the districts in northern Uganda.’
    • ‘The murram surface runway is 1,585m x 30 m and is in good condition.’
    • ‘As we proceed deeper and higher we are mostly on red murram or clay.’
    • ‘Follow the murram road for 500m bearing right at a fork in the road until you reach a clearing on the edge of the forest and the forestry station.’


1920s: a local word.