Definition of mural crown in English:

mural crown


  • 1Heraldry
    A representation of a city wall in the form of a crown, borne above the shield in the arms of distinguished soldiers and of some civic authorities.

    • ‘Argent on a cross gules enfiled in pale by two mural crowns or a rose of the first stalked and leaved proper.’
    • ‘The white and blue waves refer to the River Mersey and the six mural crowns, being civic emblems, to the six constituent districts.’
    • ‘A silver mural crown in five towers stamps the coat of arms.’
    • ‘The five embattlements on the mural crown represent the five campaigns in Europe during World War II.’
    • ‘Above the mural crown is a garb or sheaf of wheat or corn used to represent farming.’
  • 2(in ancient Roman times) a crown or garland given to the soldier who was first to scale the wall of a besieged town.