Definition of murage in English:



mass nounBritish
  • Tax levied for building or repairing the walls of a town.

    • ‘Further murage grants - two, possibly three - are known from the 15th century.’
    • ‘It received its first grant of murage in 1261, yet foreign merchants complained in the following year that although murage was being collected they could see no wall-building.’
    • ‘Records of such royal orders and licences for England, Ireland and Wales can be found in The Calendar of Patent Rolls, for example this grant of murage to Northampton.’
    • ‘And [he shall swear] that they have not been bought or sold with the intent of evading or defrauding, by any kind of deceit, the officers of this city of toll or murage or anything payable to the city.’
    • ‘In March 1340 he travelled to London on community business, to show proof to the city authorities that Lynn burgesses were exempt from murage exactions there.’


Late Middle English: from Old French from mur ‘wall’, from Latin murus.