Definition of munyeroo in English:


(also munyeru)


  • A succulent plant whose seeds and leaves are used for food.

    • ‘Summer rains also produce a carpet of ephemeral forbs such as munyeroo, red spinach and tar vines, while winter rains lead to mass germination of daisies such as billybuttons, white paper daisy and bogan flea.’
    • ‘In Australia the wild plant (or a very close relation), with its pretty yellow flowers has been known as munyeroo or purslane or by a name which has different meanings in N. America, pigweed.’
    • ‘The land is looking much better with parakeelya and munyeroo abundant.’
    • ‘In Australia, the wild plant, or at least a close relative, produces pretty yellow flowers and is known as munyeroo or purslane.’


Late 19th century: from Diyari (an Aboriginal language of South Australia).