Definition of Muntz metal in English:

Muntz metal


mass noun
  • A form of brass consisting of 60 per cent copper and 40 per cent zinc, used for casting and working at high temperatures.

    • ‘The addition of lead to Muntz metal helps to attain the good machining properties associated with Naval Brass.’
    • ‘Analysis of the copper sheathing would determine whether it were Muntz metal and therefore provide another indication of date.’
    • ‘Twelve Muntz metal optical turnstiles being readied for shipment to one of the largest manufacturing firms in Western Europe.’
    • ‘To prevent worms, barnacles and other marine growths on or weakening the wooden strakes, the hull was sheathed below the waterline with Muntz metal plates, laid onto an impermeable layer of felt and bitumen and fixed with copper nails to the strakes.’


Mid 19th century: named after George F. Muntz (1794–1857), English manufacturer.


Muntz metal