Definition of munted in English:



  • 1In a state of disastrous disintegration; broken or ruined.

    ‘work to remove the munted footbridge—an icon of the Canterbury earthquakes—is to begin this week’
    ‘with government departments buying overpriced rubbish, no wonder the budget is all munted’
    • ‘I was pleased by the lack of alarm bells and a munted doorway as I shot up the stairs into my smoky lounge.’
    • ‘They are very lucky—the car was pretty munted.’
    • ‘I found this cool bolt tucked away in some piles of stones—all nicely rusted and munted.’
    • ‘Much of the ground looks like wasteland, well and truly munted.’
    • ‘Their homes may have been battered, bruised, and in many instances completely munted, but they are committed to rebuilding their homes and their lives.’
    • ‘My insoles had been compressed, and the soles of my shoes were munted.’
    • ‘The tables are covered in an array of candlesticks, key rings, and munted megaphones: partially formed objects from the sculptor's workshop.’
    • ‘He was holding a pizza box and had a curiously eager expression on his face like a munted troll doll.’
    • ‘I am of grumpy because my ankle is still munted—aching, swollen, and looking suspiciously like it might have been installed backwards.’
    • ‘My dress was properly admired, but unfortunately the castle cake came out looking rather munted.’
    1. 1.1 Drunk.
      ‘they have constant issues with drivers turning up munted’
      • ‘People are happy just to come and get munted on my munificent hospitality.’
      • ‘In that video it was even more obvious he was munted on something.’
      • ‘Neither the mother nor the father had any idea where their nine-year-old was while he was getting munted at the skate park.’
      • ‘She said that next morning she found the pilot slumped on a chair looking munted.’
      • ‘We were too munted from the party the previous night to do much but lie around.’
      • ‘Maybe you don't want to go to a bar and hang out with munted people.’
      • ‘What kind of munted bogan could record a song like that?’
      • ‘It was gloriously hot, and I was munted.’
      • ‘That song was on repeat for about an hour—maybe we were just munted enough by then.’
      • ‘Can't run a revolution when the bros are munted.’
      intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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1990s: of unknown origin.