Definition of municipality in English:



  • 1A town or district that has local government.

    ‘voters in each municipality choose between four candidates’
    • ‘Districts in poor municipalities rely on property tax revenues supplemented by state aid to complete their local budgets.’
    • ‘There were no cost-sharing agreements with neighbouring municipalities.’
    • ‘Twenty-two census tracts in 17 municipalities were chosen for the study.’
    • ‘We are studying the development of town blogs in each municipality serviced by a weekly.’
    • ‘Some less-populated and remote counties and municipalities traditionally support certain parties.’
    • ‘In other words, it was hands-off to the province and certainly to the cities, towns and rural municipalities.’
    • ‘This year, the elections will be held in four regencies and one municipality in West Java.’
    • ‘The need to build dikes was a key factor in causing the early settlers to request status as a municipality.’
    • ‘Oshawa was a separate municipality adjacent to the County of Ontario.’
    • ‘Ali said the money would be used to help finance the operations of four training centers in four municipalities.’
    • ‘Each municipality described in the study contains municipal as well as community forests.’
    • ‘So far only three town municipalities in Namibia have their own traffic officers.’
    • ‘There are also four golf clubs in the municipality and temperatures at this time of year make a round of the fairways very pleasant.’
    • ‘This project may get a loan of 20 million euros, which will be distributed among seven or eight municipalities.’
    • ‘An agency will be set up by the municipality to buy the flowers from the growers and market it for them.’
    • ‘If the pilot project is successful, the program could be expanded to other municipalities and cities.’
    • ‘This is a beautiful country and there is a great deal of energy in the municipalities outside the capital.’
    • ‘For determining payment to the municipality or county, the trucks have their own water meters.’
    • ‘The state should distribute some revenue to municipalities such as Pittsburgh.’
    • ‘He praised the Demarcation Board for combining many poorly administered towns into single municipalities.’
    • ‘They would be allowed to vote in elections for municipal assembly members and the head of the municipality they live in.’
    borough, town, city, district, administrative division
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    1. 1.1 The governing body of a municipality.
      ‘locally elected municipalities’
      • ‘The various activities organised by the municipality of Bangalore made city life exuberant and lively.’
      • ‘The Committees of Good Government are designed to provide uniformity among the municipalities.’
      • ‘Suddenly, they got a call from workers of the municipality informing them that the train had caught fire.’
      • ‘It must now see to it that neither private sector nor government bodies such as municipalities violate the law.’
      • ‘At the same time, the disempowerment of councilors and the municipality will have a long-term impact.’
      • ‘He will have the opportunity to be in charge of the whole executive branch of the municipality.’
      • ‘The most important are the title deeds and, if the property is in a town, a building permit from the municipality.’
      • ‘The Chairman of the municipality said that every month medical camps would be conducted for the workers.’
      • ‘At the local level, some municipalities have promoted arbitration to resolve conflicts.’
      • ‘The department, the districts and the municipalities are all filled with their protégés.’
      • ‘Many of them said they had received letters from the municipality informing them of the eviction plan.’
      • ‘The municipality has asked us to water gardens and wash cars with buckets rather than hoses.’
      • ‘Most of the city is without running water and the municipality says they hope to get everything running again by tomorrow afternoon.’
      • ‘The provincial government and the municipality would do well to at least give the matter careful thought.’
      • ‘For the last four months the local municipality has ignored your insistent requests to have it fixed.’
      • ‘In practice some municipalities have no clue how to govern.’
      • ‘He said Chetty would be sorely missed by the municipality and the town.’
      • ‘So conceived, a municipality is not a local administrative agency of the state, or even the state in its local guise.’
      • ‘It's a common problem for democracies, and some municipalities have taken steps to deal with it.’
      • ‘A clearer picture of the powers of the municipalities and the district councils is expected to emerge after this.’


Late 18th century: from French municipalité, from municipal (see municipal).