Definition of mum and dad investor in English:

mum and dad investor


  • A small-scale risk-averse shareholder, typically an ordinary person with a mortgage and family.

    ‘these companies are collapsing and thousands of mum and dad investors are in jeopardy’
    • ‘They have arranged loans for these anxious mum and dad investors with no deposit or low deposit for second, third, or even fourth investment properties.’
    • ‘Are these reasonably safe shares for mum and dad investors, people who generally leave their hard-earned savings in the bank?’
    • ‘The collapse of so many finance companies, and the losses suffered by so many mum and dad investors, is a festering sore in need of invasive surgery.’
    • ‘All we need now is a downturn in the economy and nobody will be safe, especially workers and mum and dad investors.’
    • ‘This might be an attempt to get mum and dad investors to get involved in capital markets.’
    • ‘Mum and dad investors were hoodwinked and encouraged to not only gamble their meagre savings on these shares, but take out loans and mortgage redraws as well.’
    • ‘The tax was now hitting local mum and dad investors who relied on rent from small second properties to supplement their income or support them in retirement.’
    • ‘Many mum and dad investors have lost their hard-earned money to defaulted finance companies because of the weak supervision and financial regulation.’
    • ‘Such a popular brand would expect to sell well to mum and dad investors but it will be interesting to see if many institutional investors buy in.’
    • ‘They're wilfully complicit in visiting a scandalous fraud on ordinary mum and dad investors throughout Australia.’