Definition of multure in English:



mass nounhistorical
  • 1Grain or flour due to a miller in return for grinding corn.

    • ‘Villagers tried to avoid multure by grinding their own corn or by taking it to a mill with a lower charge.’
    • ‘In 1220 the Lord of the Manor gave the monks of St Marie's York, the right to grind their grain at this mill without multure’
    • ‘The founder endowed it with the church of St. Andrew, in Marrick, one carucate of land, tithes of his mill, multure of corn there, and he also gave the sisterhood liberty to grind their corn without paying multure.’
    • ‘When mills were erected, the authorities destroyed the querns in order to compel the people to go to the mills and pay multure, mill dues.’
    1. 1.1 The right to collect multure.


Middle English: from Old French moulture, from medieval Latin molitura, from molit- ‘ground’, from the verb molere.