Definition of multivibrator in English:



  • A device consisting of two amplifying transistors or valves, each with its output connected to the input of the other, which produces an oscillatory signal.

    • ‘A bistable multivibrator, which is controlled by the voltage that is induced by the rotor in the instantaneously currentless winding phase, is provided for alternatingly switching on the two winding phases.’
    • ‘Those monostable multivibrators were simple timer circuits which put out a pulse with width directly proportional to the joystick resistance value.’
    • ‘Like the astable multivibrator, one transistor conducts and the other cuts off when the circuit is energized.’
    • ‘This circuit does not have the monostable multivibrator macro between the switch bounce waveform and the counter.’
    • ‘The pulse detector is classified as a monostable multivibrator because it has only one stable state.’