Definition of multivendor in English:



  • Denoting or relating to computer hardware or software products or network services from more than one supplier.

    • ‘Neither standard dominates the building automation industry, though both intend to ease multivendor system connectivity.’
    • ‘If you're working in a multivendor environment, this program may not be a good choice.’
    • ‘But he added that the operator prefers multivendor relationships in most categories.’
    • ‘More work and expertise may be required to specify a multivendor open system.’
    • ‘This rigorous set of demands dictates that a new breed of technology solutions be used to simplify the integration of multivendor business applications and vast amounts of decentralized data.’
    • ‘Standards allow a service provider to create a multivendor network of best-of-breed products.’
    • ‘The documents we've seen, however, do lay out some of the most concrete plans yet as to how any vendor hopes to pull off managing multivendor gear.’
    • ‘Still uncertain are the prospects for true multivendor cooperation.’
    • ‘The primary reason is that its solution is an all-in - one software-based system, which negates the need for a complex and inefficient multivendor environment.’
    • ‘Each vendor claims to manage multivendor networks the best.’
    • ‘The four storage system vendors have signed bilateral cooperative support agreements intended to simplify joint customer support in multivendor environments.’
    • ‘Like any multivendor process, there will be complex politics and technological debate along the way, and this one even involves multiple standards bodies.’
    • ‘Networks will grow even more multivendor and multiservice in nature.’
    • ‘Eventually, it will be mandatory for various network elements to be able to signal each other to dynamically establish paths through a multivendor network.’
    • ‘These multitechnology, multivendor systems are already enabling next-gen devices to succeed in terms of performance, reliability and manageability.’
    • ‘The wide adoption of the standard will ensure worldwide multivendor interoperability with the Ethernet installed base while simplifying connection management.’
    • ‘Both companies are developing advanced multivendor management software but, as of yet, their products do not overlap.’
    • ‘Today, a better trained staff is capable of making some programming changes to an interoperable, multivendor system.’
    • ‘And the new model for the Internet is the multivendor approach.’
    • ‘These vendors often run into serious problems making multivendor gear work together and keeping application performance high in a complex set up.’