Definition of multivalent in English:



  • 1Having or susceptible of many applications, interpretations, meanings, or values.

    ‘visually complex and multivalent work’
    • ‘Accessibility is a multivalent issue, one that points to the deeper issues already mentioned.’
    • ‘I thought at first that he was trying to make a point about how media images of violence are so multivalent.’
    • ‘Admittedly the definition of each term is multivalent, and their connections are elastic.’
    • ‘The graphic patterns of oscillating logic became increasingly multivalent and subtle with the application of fuzzy logic with more truth-values lying in-between.’
    • ‘Through this multivalent signs, the scene forever oscillates between narration of butchery and love; it ‘checkmates’ any interpretation.’
    • ‘This is because readers themselves play an active role in interpreting a multivalent and open-ended modernist cultural text.’
    • ‘It is much easier in a classroom than in a museum installation to project the image of the continent's art as historically dynamic, multivalent, and heterogeneous.’
    • ‘Frankly, some foul language can convey such complex, multivalent ideas in single syllables it feels a shame to try to elaborate and risk losing one iota of poignancy in a heated moment.’
    • ‘His work is wide in scope and multivalent in meaning, two characteristics that will grow and deepen not only upon further investigation into the work but also upon further personal rumination.’
    • ‘I am especially interested in the ways that these individuals construct on-going, fluid, and multivalent narratives of Jewish identity rooted in the situations and relationships that constitute their daily lives.’
    • ‘Bodies deprived of attractive surroundings were as likely to be as depressed - or to use the superbly multivalent Rasta term, downpressed - as those deprived of anything they more obviously ‘needed’.’
    • ‘Thumbnail sketches often characterize Spivak's work as a multivalent and polyvocal body of texts which lock together Marxism, feminism, and deconstruction in a rigorous reassessment of cultural systems.’
    • ‘Even in its own terms Islam is and has always been multivalent.’
    • ‘His inversion and subversion of these multivalent emblems of consumer culture reinforce the anti-consumer message he delivers in our era of late capitalism and globalization.’
    • ‘I've used the multivalent interpretative possibilities to allow plots, elements, and events to overlap.’
    • ‘They are emergent, multivalent signifiers in search of an open interpretation, one related to the building task, the site and the language of the particular architecture.’
    • ‘The artist's lyrical, figurative paintings and collages reflect multivalent effects of his study of other art.’
    • ‘Like all the scenery he made for Graham, and probably for his other choreographic projects, it was symbolic, multivalent.’
    • ‘I believe that they are everywhere, but on very different terms that reflect the multivalent realities of today.’
    • ‘In private settings, an exquisite image of a religious subject with multivalent textual meaning could serve all manner of eyes - Protestant, Catholic, the politically committed, the aesthetically conscious.’
  • 2Medicine
    (of an antigen or antibody) having several sites at which attachment to an antibody or antigen can occur.

    ‘a multivalent antiserum’
    Compare with polyvalent
    • ‘In general, desorption of supported membranes is hard to control if multivalent interaction sites have to be broken.’
    • ‘The quaternary structure provides the protein with a requisite topology that helps in multivalent binding to cells.’
    • ‘Once small-molecule drugs are bound to the surface of medical devices, however, they become multivalent and able to be recognized by antibody-producing B-cells.’
    • ‘Collectins are oligomeric, multivalent proteins sharing distinct collagen-like and calcium-dependent carbohydrate recognition domains.’
    • ‘Upon protein binding, the density of the lipid layer decreases slightly, consistent with geometrical constraints imposed by multivalent binding of GM 1 to the toxin.’
  • 3Chemistry

    another term for polyvalent
    • ‘This is qualitatively in accordance with mean field theories, and is a consequence of an increased electrostatic screening from multivalent ions.’
    • ‘These thermodynamic models predict that there is significant lateral redistribution of both monovalent and multivalent charged lipids in response to the membrane association of oppositely charged proteins.’
    • ‘Such a variation of the local distances near the redissolution limit could be observed for other polyelectrolytes precipitated by other multivalent cations.’
    • ‘In the experiments presented here, the amount of monovalent and multivalent ions was precisely controlled, as well as the method of preparation of the samples.’
    • ‘This remarkable compaction can be reproduced in vitro by adding a small amount of condensing agent, such as polyamines, multivalent metal cations, cationic surfactants, or neutral polymers to a DNA solution.’