Definition of multivalence in English:



  • See multivalent

    • ‘‘Gallons’ connotes fluid, meaning that garbage comes in both solid and liquid form, another example of the term's multivalence.’
    • ‘At the same time, there is also a semantic value of images, or a value of ambiguities and multivalence in iconographic interpretations.’
    • ‘The extraordinary symbolic multivalence of food and eating extends much further, so that food has probably always been charged with questions of moral significance.’
    • ‘How likely is it that a twenty-first-century music giving priority to ‘new classical’ virtues will sit happily with forms of writing which retain ‘modernist’ perspectives on multivalence?’
    • ‘While this too obviously underscores the presumed multivalence of the play itself, it serves as an elusive touchstone for the characters’ changing view of themselves.’