Definition of multitrack in English:



  • Relating to or made by the mixing of several separately recorded tracks of sound.

    ‘the advent of multitrack recording facilities’
    • ‘Aspiring musicians compete with major recording studios by using MIDI and multi-track technology in conjunction with a computer in their basement or garage.’
    • ‘Just as computers have put power into the hands of musicians - putting multi-track recording onto the desktop and providing promotion and distribution via the internet - they have also put power into the hands of film makers.’
    • ‘Of course, recording a multi-track accompaniment with instrumental voices is a much more complex task.’
    • ‘The versions here are properly mixed versions by the original recording engineer from the multi-track tape in true stereo.’
    • ‘She started making multi-track home recordings at age 10 and performed with her sisters in bands during her teen years.’
    • ‘Due to circumstances, the record sounds obviously transitional, and was in fact the last one the band would complete using their tried and true straight-to-stereo method, before upgrading to more modern, multi-track methods afterwards.’
    • ‘There is no evidence of the growing pains that often bedevil follow-up albums recorded with additional personnel and the dubious luxury of a multi-track recording desk.’
    • ‘The typical MIDI file is a multi-track song file that has separate parts for melody, bass, accompaniment, percussion and so forth.’
    • ‘The first is no-loss higher quality than you can hear music that has components separated out from the other channels in the music, becoming a multi-track resource for other artists to create from.’
    • ‘The late 1990s saw the introduction of cheap hard disk and minidisk multi-track recorders, many with effects such as reverb and chorus built in.’
    • ‘If you are going to be doing anything with multi-track harmonies, how can you sound like anybody else?’
    • ‘Les Paul - as well as being credited as the inventor of the solid-bodied electric guitar - also invented multi-track recording.’
    • ‘In graduate school I made a transition into time-based media: film, video, audio synthesizers and multi-track recording.’
    • ‘These days, people use a laptop computer as the multi-track recorder, and they also often use automatic speech recognition software to create a draft of the transcript.’
    • ‘He would improvise one layer, and then through multi-track recording, he would lay a second layer of improvisation over the first.’
    • ‘Behind the scenes, technical and promotions producers use digital multi-track editing facilities to create all the ‘extras ‘that make the programme sound so good.’
    • ‘Recorded in 1971, its multi-track vocals, complex musical score, and fusion of soul and jazz create a wonderful soundscape.’
    • ‘Even though 1960s and '70s music was mediated by increasingly sophisticated multi-track recording equipment, it made the live context the testing ground of each performer's authenticity.’


  • A recording made from the mixing of several separately recorded tracks.

    • ‘That may sound improbable, but actually we use multi-tracks all the time.’
    • ‘This version was discovered on a multi-track and is released in a mixed version for the first time.’
    • ‘They were not multi-track so glitches could not be ironed out.’


[with object]
  • Record using multitrack recording.

    ‘we recorded the guitar and drums in one take and multitracked the vocals’
    • ‘Though it takes some patience to get used to the canned instrumentals, the sensitive production threaded with handclaps and sugary, multi-tracked harmonies quickly chase away any lingering skepticism.’
    • ‘Jaded synths and multi-tracked harmonies lurk above a razor-fine piano note until the vocals lift into a Franciscan chant of helpless beauty.’
    • ‘I'd been working a bit on computer stuff, odd things here and there, and doing a bit of recording, multi-tracking, amusing myself in the studio but not performing.’
    • ‘His voice isn't quite the precision instrument it once was, and it's often multi-tracked.’
    • ‘Many multi-tracked vocals and sonic effects are employed and these don't always work.’
    • ‘As dusk falls on the song, instruments begin to nod off into sleep, leaving a multi-tracked breathy drone to induce a trance-like state.’
    • ‘The production is consistently great, sneaking little quirks into the mix and layering the multi-tracked instruments to perfection.’
    • ‘At times you yearn for a more widescreen approach - multi-tracked vocals, bigger strings - to match the ambitions of the subject matter.’
    • ‘The closing moments bring tempo shifts and multi-tracked vocals, as Reece delves into a stream-of-consciousness rant.’
    • ‘Sometimes, she gets lost within her own songs; sometimes, she gets lost within her own round-robin multi-tracking trickery.’
    • ‘The use of octave dividers and other pitch control devices gives the quartet a surprisingly big sound at times without, one suspects, much need for conventional multi-tracking.’
    • ‘What follows is a rich, wavy drone of multi-tracked tones, which echo into the distance until the crackle of a fire takes centre stage, with soft bells flickering in the background.’
    • ‘In the modern recording industry, especially for film music and in multi-tracking, players are often fed a regular beat, known as a click track, through earphones.’
    • ‘Instead, he wrote, played all the instruments, multi-tracked the doleful harmonies and produced this deceptively drifting solo project.’
    • ‘A high-frequency whine electrifies the track throughout while several multi-tracked guitars try to cough up a creaky melody.’
    • ‘Maybe he can write a three-chord rock song, but here he under-sings, over-emotes, and writes melodies that spiral off in insane directions before ending up nowhere - all while multi-tracking his vocals to cover his failings.’
    • ‘But all the multi-tracking and knob-twiddling in the studio won't help if you don't have a strong foundation of songs to start with.’
    • ‘It's even got harmonic vocals, which must've been multi-tracked, as only one singer is credited.’
    • ‘It's the subsequent addition of multi-tracked vocal counterpoint, maracas, and vibes that turns it into a delectable piece of ear candy.’
    • ‘Wrapped in slick vocal layering and multi-tracked veneer, the disc is more upbeat than previous records and features an old-country twang.’