Definition of multithreading in English:



mass nounComputing
  • A technique by which a single set of code can be used by several processors at different stages of execution.

    • ‘All three Intel CPUs win when multithreading is taken into account.’
    • ‘Also, developers need to write their apps for multithreading for users to gain full benefits from the technology.’
    • ‘Video game programmers could make hay with multithreading, too, building more sophisticated artificial intelligence engines while simultaneously creating a more realistic 3D environment, he adds.’
    • ‘But unlike its predecessor, the Power5 processor includes simultaneous multithreading technology, making it possible to run a total of four software threads per chip.’
    • ‘Powerful computer operating systems using Microsoft Windows, OS / 2 and Unix support multithreading and multitasking and helped SCSI devices gain in popularity.’