Definition of multistorey in English:



  • (of a building) having several storeys.

    • ‘An island holiday turned to terror for two families when fire broke out in a multi-storey hotel.’
    • ‘There are a variety of hospital buildings on the site ranging from brick and slate buildings from the 1800s to modern multi-storey buildings under flat roofs.’
    • ‘On May 30, a Vermont man unveiled an invention allowing people to travel safely between floors of multi-storey buildings without the use of stairs.’
    • ‘But a run-down green site can soon be turned into a silk purse unlike the pig's ears of multi-storey apartments the developers are now erecting around York suburbs.’
    • ‘The spokesman added that people who evacuated buildings were frightened because the tremors would be felt more in multi-storey offices than on the street.’
    • ‘With a tabletop multi-storey building model, visitors will be shown how water can be harvested in apartment complexes.’
    • ‘Overlooking the halls is a multi-storey building where all administrative business is done and where those short of money can access bank services.’
    • ‘A proposal for a multi-storey building to house classrooms, library, laboratory and hostel was rejected when it was presented in Canada sometime ago.’
    • ‘The odour was detected on Monday February 21 and the multi-storey building evacuated.’
    • ‘As I entered our magnificently appointed multi-storey office development this morning, I caught sight of a box behind our oddly proportioned security guard.’
    • ‘So this year walkers of all abilities are being encouraged to take part in their own way - it could be a low-level walk, a coastal walk or even the ascent of a multi-storey apartment!’
    • ‘Australia's capital cities were transformed as the demolition of existing structures made way for multi-storey office buildings.’
    • ‘Like so many others, he's replacing it with a multi-storey building of flats, with a new clinic downstairs.’
    • ‘They spotted a multi-storey building and got to the fourth floor when the wave hit, completely swamping the entire three floors below.’
    • ‘It isn't only new blocks of multi-storey apartments that give rise to legal issues.’
    • ‘His team used chain saws, disc cutters, picks, shovels and wood to shore up the tunnel before reaching the victim, who had been lying on a bed in a multi-storey building for five days.’
    • ‘A few hours later the gentle waves had been replaced by monsters the size of multi-storey buildings, threatening to swallow them.’
    • ‘As in Turkey, here too multi-storey buildings collapsed not because of the force of the earthquake but due to poor construction.’
    • ‘The slums and shanty towns stand in stark contrast to the multi-storey towers and the glamour of Bollywood.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the multi-storey office building hovers in the foreground.’
    high, tall, lofty, elevated, soaring, sky-high, sky-scraping, steep, mountainous, imposing
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  • A car park with several storeys.

    • ‘Among other criticisms the car park report stated: ‘The four multi-storeys are seriously lacking in basic requirements for users, such as cleanliness, signage and lighting.’’
    • ‘So, a late night last night, a groggy wake-up this morning and a car still two miles away in the multi-storey by the station where it was locked in last night conspired to make me late.’
    • ‘It is also only planned as a ground-level car park, but why are the authorities not building a multi-storey while they are at it?’
    • ‘The best place for the multi-storey is the old cattle market.’
    • ‘The surface car park currently on the site will be transferred to the existing bus station site and the multi-storey refurbished and managed as a shoppers' car park.’
    • ‘Earlier this year the borough's multi-storeys were slammed by the Best Value Inspection Team for being expensive and dirty but the council rejected the report claiming it was ‘too negative.'’
    • ‘Parking problems have been heightened in recent weeks with the multi-storey's two upper open deck levels being closed due to resurfacing and waterproofing works.’
    • ‘The council does not have the kind of funding you would need to build a new multi-storey and, if it did, it has several better things to do with any capital spend it is allowed.’
    • ‘For example, I have heard that the multi-storey will be anything from six to 15 storeys high.’
    • ‘The multi-storey should put an end to such problems.’
    • ‘The £3 million multi-storey, which will also include a restaurant, will take 700 vehicles.’
    • ‘To enable this to happen, as from today, the only vehicular entrance to the multi-storey will be from Cartlett Road.’
    • ‘The cars drag themselves through the 7am rain like a parade of slugs, into the multi-storey.’
    • ‘Now three huge, ugly multi-storeys loom threateningly overhead.’
    • ‘He said that if the plans for the multi-storey were approved temporary car parking space would be required while construction is under way.’
    • ‘The partner of a Blackburn man who plunged to his death from a town centre car park has appealed for tougher safety measures on East Lancashire's multi-storeys.’
    • ‘This can make it surprisingly awkward to park in a multi-storey.’
    • ‘He said the ground level car parks, such as Vineyard Street and Priory Street, were always likely to go because they were both temporary and took up a lot more floor space per car than a multi-storey.’
    • ‘The car parks which would remain are the multi-storeys in Nunn's Road, St John's Street, St Mary's and Osborne Street.’
    • ‘The multi-storey was open on Friday and closed on Monday, but all other car parks were free, as on Sundays, so there was not really any reason to park on streets.’