Definition of multisensory in English:



  • Involving or using more than one of the senses.

    ‘people can have a fun, multisensory experience in an art gallery’
    • ‘Using a variety of materials and mediums, this Brazilian-born artist creates multisensory sculptures and installations.’
    • ‘It became very easy to be seduced by the multi-sensory combination of music, art, food, and dance.’
    • ‘Sense and touch therapy is conducted in a multi-sensory room designed to stimulate the five senses using bubbling water, soft music, aromatherapy, massage, projected images, and wind chimes.’
    • ‘They will get a much more personal feel for the action through multi-sensory special effects spilling out of 360-degree screens.’
    • ‘You should employ techniques such as multisensory teaching or guided practice time to address language retention.’
    • ‘The structure of the sessions was activity-based and included use of visual aids to create a concrete and multisensory process.’
    • ‘Tours may become ever more multi-sensory by drawing on virtual reality technology, which includes things like goggles and gloves.’
    • ‘Visitors had a multi-sensory experience of the diversity of our land and people.’
    • ‘The technology has a multisensory design.’
    • ‘The garden was planted with aromatic herbs to enhance the multisensory experience.’