Definition of multiscreen in English:



  • 1(of a cinema) having several auditoriums each with its own screen, so as to show different films at the same time.

    ‘a multiscreen cinema will be open soon’
    • ‘I am very glad that someone is prepared to build a multiscreen cinema here.’
    • ‘The least they could do is show one Canadian film at each of those multiscreen cinemas.’
    • ‘The plan also includes a multiscreen cinema in the town centre.’
    • ‘It has emerged as a favourite location for the new multiscreen complex.’
    • ‘We have no large multiscreen cinemas.’
    • ‘The cinema became especially thriving and creative, with multiscreen theatres attracting many more film-goers.’
    • ‘Film lovers are well catered for with three multiscreen cinemas.’
    • ‘Two new multiscreen venues are due to open in October.’
    • ‘The stadium complex includes a multiscreen cinema and a hotel.’
    • ‘Multiscreen theatres are much superior with better sound and picture quality.’
  • 2Involving or using several different types of screen, such as televisions, smartphones, and tablet computers.

    ‘the provider can enable multiscreen delivery covering smartphones and tablets’
    ‘the reality of our multiscreen world is that consumers are turning to different devices throughout the day to accomplish tasks’
    • ‘They are determined to be a major player in the mobile and multiscreen world.’
    • ‘A multiscreen service offers fans a total football experience.’
    • ‘We invested in the future, offering our customers and viewers a compelling, immersive, multiscreen shopping experience.’
    • ‘Marketers and agencies are now creating multiscreen campaigns and mobile is playing an increasingly significant role.’
    • ‘The company has positioned its product portfolio to take full advantage of the demand for multiscreen home entertainment.’