Definition of multirotor in English:



  • A helicopter having more than two rotors, typically one designed for unmanned flight.

    ‘we have the ability to shoot amazing aerial photography using multirotors’
    as modifier ‘a multirotor drone’
    • ‘He had been using a multirotor drone to spy on his neighbor through her apartment window.’
    • ‘Researchers have demonstrated an amazing capability for small robots to self-assemble and take to the air as a multirotor helicopter.’
    • ‘Corrections officers spotted a multirotor drone fly over the prison gates.’
    • ‘His multirotor is made entirely of laser-cut parts and it took only 8 hours to build.’
    • ‘Small unmanned R/C multirotors were built in Japan.’
    • ‘The couple saw a multirotor RC helicopter floating about in the sky.’
    • ‘A multirotor craft can do things such as fly programmed routes or return home autonomously.’
    • ‘While one would find many students making small model planes, not many students can build a complex multirotor model.’
    • ‘A modern multirotor copter is easily available to the general public.’