Definition of multiplier in English:



  • 1A person or thing that multiplies.

    • ‘Agriculture and industry benefited each other through backward and forward linkages that created multiplier effects.’
    • ‘They suggest that unemployment policies aimed at individuals have important consequences for other workers at home-a multiplier effect of sorts.’
    1. 1.1 A quantity by which a given number (the multiplicand) is to be multiplied.
      • ‘So the numbers to be multiplier are placed in the top and bottom of the three rows of the counting board and multiplications by single digits and additions take place in constructing the product in the middle row.’
      • ‘Lay down the multiplicand in the upper row and the multiplier in the lower, with the product in between.’
      • ‘Thus to find the product of 75 by 75, multiply the last digit of the multiplicand and the multiplier, which gives 25.’
      • ‘Coefficients are the multipliers in front of the independent variables in the equation.’
    2. 1.2Economics The factor by which the return deriving from an expenditure exceeds the expenditure itself.
      • ‘He argued that where future income might be reduced or a considerable amount of capital invested, there should be a multiplier of four.’
      • ‘The concept of the multiplier is based on consumption spending and on incomes that derive from expenditure.’
      • ‘The notion of an autonomous government or investment spending that does not rely on or affect private sector savings is part of the multiplier's myth.’
      • ‘In a case where the claimant is expected to require life-long medical assistance, the multiplier used is likely to exceed that employed in assessing damages for lost earnings.’
      • ‘This sum is then multiplied by another figure, called the multiplier, which is based initially on the number of years that the loss is likely to continue.’
    3. 1.3 A device for increasing by repetition the intensity of an electric current, force, etc. to a measurable level.
      • ‘What other concept promises to be both an economy of force measure and a force multiplier?’
      • ‘A majority of commercial mass spectrometers utilize an electron multiplier detector, which provides an internally amplified electrical current subsequent to exposure to charged ions.’
      • ‘We kept the multiplier at 13x and increased the FSB frequency in several steps until we finally reached the maximum allowed frequency of 293 MHz.’
      • ‘The frequency of the microwaves is adjusted until the output current of the electron multiplier is maximized, constituting the measurement of the atoms' resonance frequency.’