Definition of multiplicand in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmʌltɪplɪˈkand//ˈmʌltɪplɪˌkand/


  • A quantity which is to be multiplied by another (the multiplier).

    • ‘Last step: take half the left-hand digit of the multiplicand and reduce by 2. 4 First step: subtract from 10, and add 5 if the number is odd.’
    • ‘Thus to find the product of 75 by 75, multiply the last digit of the multiplicand and the multiplier, which gives 25.’
    • ‘Lay down the multiplicand in the upper row and the multiplier in the lower, with the product in between.’


Late 16th century: from medieval Latin multiplicandus ‘to be multiplied’, gerundive of Latin multiplicare (see multiply).