Definition of multipliable in English:



  • Able to be multiplied.

    • ‘For your first calculation, you are incorrectly applying the measurement - 4.7 is not multipliable by 1024, since the 4.7 GB number is NOT a binary-derived number.’
    • ‘Finally, some key research findings are summarized, suggesting that this methodology may be more effective than the facilitated small group for promoting creative ideas, as well as being more efficient and multipliable.’
    • ‘Original matter - the source of the multiplicity in the world - was essentially something multipliable by its very nature and capacity.’
    • ‘I like the fact that in the metric system everything is divisible and multipliable by ten; but, darn I hate it that the kilometer is so much smaller than the mile.’
    • ‘Another group of test plates have cavity arrangements of two sizes, the second size thereof being an integrally multipliable value greater than the first size.’
    • ‘We close by stressing the importance of implementing effective, efficient and multipliable small group collaborative learning environments online.’
    • ‘Move a number-crunching little beastie around a grid to munch on a series of multiples (numbers multipliable by 2, then by 3, etc.).’
    • ‘But this is the city which gave the world ‘Salaam Bombay,’ for it to salute the undying spirit of a metropolis which glories in its infinitely multipliable complementary contradictions: its grime and glitz, insularity and cosmopolitanism, arrogance and vulnerability, its indifference and unexpected caring.’