Definition of multiple unit in English:

multiple unit


  • A diesel or electric passenger train of two or more carriages powered by integral motors which drive a number of axles throughout the train.

    • ‘I discovered that multiple unit train sets catering to regular passengers ran the same route hourly at no charge to Eurail pass holders - but without gourmet meals and tour guides.’
    • ‘Between 1978 and 1984 he came into contact with asbestos while working on diesel multiple units at BRB Ltd.’
    • ‘If you have 12-coach trains ie 3 multiple units, you need 12-coach platforms.’
    • ‘He said that the new train needed to have ‘head end’ power, not underfloor engines which other diesels' multiple units use.’
    • ‘Don't forget that quite apart from the showpiece diesel hydraulic main line locomotives mentioned earlier, the works also produced dozens of diesel multiple units for BR and again there is not a single mention of any of this.’
    • ‘The railways gradually phased out the steam locomotives following the introduction of diesel engines and diesel electrical multiple units.’
    • ‘Management wants to run multiple unit trains with only one guard.’
    • ‘The electrical multiple unit operates on outer suburban routes and takes passengers from King's Cross station in London to Peterborough in Cambridgeshire and King's Lynn in Norfolk.’
    • ‘About 150 guards in the RMT union at Midland Mainline have given the company notice of four 24-hour strikes in an escalation of a long running dispute over the safe operation of multiple unit trains.’
    • ‘It was opened in 1992 to serve the new fleet of BREL-built Class 159 diesel multiple units being introduced by British Rail's Network SouthEast business.’
    • ‘Of course, multiple unit diesels with one engineer can do it, but it takes a lot of diesel horsepower to match the steam engine at speed.’
    • ‘Evening star, warship diesel, hydraulics, multiple units and the like came under the British Rail, Western Region banner.’
    • ‘Normally the privately - run Wensleydale Railway operates diesel multiple units between Leeming Bar, Bedale, Leyburn and Redmire, but its staff have restored four Mark 2 coaches and a Pullman car for use this summer.’
    • ‘Roundhouses were designed for steam locomotives and not easily adaptable to diesels, the turntable being a serious impediment to servicing multiple unit consists requiring them to be disconnected.’
    • ‘The Divisional Railway Manager of Bangalore Division said that initially diesel multiple unit trains will be operated from the Cantonment station.’
    • ‘The Central London, originally equipped with locomotives, went over to Sprague-control multiple units in 1901; main-line railways in Paris and Berlin adopted it for suburban trains.’