Definition of multipara in English:



Medicine Zoology
  • A woman (or female animal) that has had more than one pregnancy resulting in viable offspring.

    • ‘Most of the patients were multiparae, followed by primiparae and grandmultiparae.’
    • ‘The risk for preeclampsia in the elderly multipara is significantly higher than expected on the basis of age and parity.’
    • ‘We are almost two generations removed from the days of the grand multipara - a woman who has given birth more than five times.’
    • ‘Maternal ages of the nulliparae ranged 17-36 years, and for the multiparae ranged 19-46 years.’
    • ‘Nulliparous women are reportedly at a higher risk of developing complications of pregnancy and delivery than multipara.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, feminine of multiparus ‘multiparous’.