Definition of multimeter in English:



  • An instrument designed to measure electric current, voltage, and usually resistance, typically over several ranges of value.

    • ‘To determine if the interface is single-ended or differential requires the use of a multimeter that measures low resistance values.’
    • ‘A digital multimeter complete with rotary selector switch is one such example.’
    • ‘Give me the multimeter meter so I can check the voltage.’
    • ‘Voltage output was recorded with a digital multimeter at 5 different points: boot, Windows start up (when loading screen appears), Idle, Load and shut down.’
    • ‘To discover where such a drain is occurring connect an electrical multimeter to the battery so you can see how much current is being used by the car when it is shut down.’
    • ‘Sure enough, an hour later he appeared and duly started taking the machine apart and prodding it with a multimeter.’
    • ‘A 12 V DC supply powered the amps and detectors, and the output voltages produced by the five detectors were displayed on five digital multimeters.’
    • ‘The signal from the photodetectors or the radiometer is acquired through a digital multimeter provided with an internal multiplexer with 10 separate channels.’
    • ‘Then with a bright yellow multimeter (something which I think would be overwhelmingly cool to have, but which I know I'd use once then keep in a drawer forever) he measured the signal strength, filled in a form, then went away.’
    • ‘While this information is nice, I'm not exactly sold on this device as a multimeter would be better for gauging the PSU's performance.’
    • ‘A multimeter reveals the lowest setting on the dial provides about 7. 85v and the highest clockwise setting reported 14. 92v.’
    • ‘It makes data generators, multimeters and oscilloscopes, as well as semiconductors, optoelectronic components and RF chip sets - all very complex products that require a great deal of customization for individual customers.’
    • ‘Measurements were taken using a digital multimeter.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the continuity tester on my multimeter proved me wrong.’
    • ‘We would normally use a multimeter to test the systems ‘unstressed’ performance, but for some reason it broke.’
    • ‘Inside of this container was the multimeter, attachable negative probe, 3526 - B instruction manual, spare fuse, and an attachable alligator clip to either probe.’
    • ‘The real voltage in the circuit is verified with an ordinary multimeter.’
    • ‘Our multimeter is capable of recording the Hi, Lo and Average results for each rail.’