Definition of multimedia in English:



  • 1(of art, education, etc.) using more than one medium of expression or communication.

    • ‘He expects multimedia communications will grow rapidly as corporations demand the service.’
    • ‘Graduate students in museum studies and multimedia design assisted in the data collection.’
    • ‘Is it a college nearby with a strong curriculum for multimedia training and development?’
    • ‘Some posters are photographs of behavioural art, sculptures, and multimedia works.’
    • ‘For me, art has always been a multimedia thing, about communication.’
    • ‘The predominance of multimedia art in Korea is due largely to the environment in which it is being created.’
    • ‘It is a mix of unique live performances coupled with digital and multimedia art, which flow into each other.’
    • ‘The new venture involves the provision of a Media Lab and multimedia learning throughout the school.’
    1. 1.1 (of computer applications) incorporating audio and video, especially interactively.
      ‘multimedia applications’
      • ‘The package consists of flash cards, lesson plans and training sessions for teachers, multimedia software and a set of books.’
      • ‘It has the usual hot keys to multimedia applications as well as a detachable palm rest.’
      • ‘In addition to voice services, the company said that initial applications would centre around high speed Internet access as well as video messaging and other multimedia services.’
      • ‘The new software is a multimedia environment with a simple, understandable tool palette and easily manipulated views of related drawings, documents, and data.’
      • ‘Law said students who were not interested in academic studies could choose to study career-oriented subjects such as beauty and multi-media game design in senior secondary two.’
      • ‘Critical is the ability to deliver more advanced multimedia applications more cheaply and quickly.’
      • ‘Games and multimedia applications use the technique to fade smoothly between one image and another.’
      • ‘The idea, of course, is to get more people to use Microsoft's multimedia software in the home.’
      • ‘Apple released QuickTime 7.3.1 Thursday afternoon to address several security flaws in the multimedia tool.’
      • ‘These services consume too much of the Internet resources while providing service to the multimedia applications.’
      • ‘Of special interest were the multi-media packages, which business executives could use to make product and service presentations to clients and prospective customers.’
      • ‘In the last few minutes he has now decided to play a multimedia promo CD.’
      • ‘All big motherboard makers have already established divisions for CD / DVD drives, multimedia products, cases or network products long ago.’


mass noun
  • 1The use of a variety of artistic or communicative media.

    • ‘Sometimes Iwai lets the words remain superimposed over the proceeding images, but never enough to push the film into the stuffy vocabulary of multimedia.’
    • ‘He did dabble in other areas of art, however, including watercolor, multimedia, animation and Web design.’
    • ‘The Turn is a vast project, which encompasses music, video and multimedia.’
    • ‘There are also dozens of sculptures, ceramics, photographs, installations and multi-media.’
    • ‘When they come home from school, children acquire their knowledge through multimedia, with a strong visual component that is seconded by sound.’
    • ‘If multimedia is used, provide text transcripts of audio, and descriptions of video.’
    • ‘The selected work encompasses a range of media, including painting, print, photography, sculpture, installation, video, light, sound, performance and multimedia.’
    • ‘The same graphics and photos that explain unfamiliar concepts or show what can't normally be seen can be turned into powerful multimedia.’
    1. 1.1 An extension of hypertext allowing the provision of audio and video material cross-referenced to a computer text.
      • ‘In fact, almost any computer sold today is multimedia and video production-ready.’
      • ‘If it is unnecessary or there are other alternatives to multimedia, then, do not use it.’
      • ‘And multimedia, messages with sound and animated pictures, is within easy reach.’
      • ‘Citizens who do not know how to use multimedia will become disenfranchised.’
      • ‘These phones have greater computational power and are designed to integrate music and multimedia with voice.’
      • ‘It's also worth mentioning that the quality of the multimedia has a lot to do with audio and video coprocessors.’
      • ‘These resources will include both print based and multimedia based stock.’
      • ‘If multimedia is used, provide text transcripts of audio, and descriptions of video.’
      • ‘Many of our fellows also worked in the sphere of multimedia as well as computer games.’
      • ‘Use of graphics and multimedia can enhance the message being provided and in many cases make the site easier to use.’
      • ‘I'm fast coming to the conclusion that I'll settle somewhere on the growing territory of online film and multimedia.’
      • ‘The quiz that is expected to last three hours will include multimedia and audio and visual clippings.’
      • ‘He is a character for the wired, multimedia, information-age toddler.’
      • ‘Her research interests are in educational uses of computers and in interactive multimedia.’
      • ‘Use will be made of the internet and multimedia for ongoing support.’
      • ‘The cable industry's foray into voice and related multimedia is happening on three levels.’
      • ‘For these kids, multimedia will be as prevalent in the classroom as the chalkboard.’
      • ‘If budgets are going to be cut, then clients aren't going to go for the kind of multimedia campaigns they used to.’
      • ‘Mobile Internet services are part of this commitment and are forecast to play an important role in the future of mobile multimedia.’
      • ‘The multimedia experience you can see today is more recent.’