Definition of multigrain in English:



  • (of bread) made from more than one kind of grain.

    • ‘You can also buy rye and multigrain loaves which are dense and flavourful, and make great toast.’
    • ‘I found it easier simply to cover the casserole with toasted multigrain bread cubes and let them develop into a nice crusty top.’
    • ‘Ease the switch to whole grains by opting for whole-wheat bread before graduating to grainy, multigrain slices.’
    • ‘If the main ingredient on a multigrain bread is enriched wheat flour, for example, it does not contain whole grain.’
    • ‘But I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on multigrain bread.’
    • ‘He laughed and he said: ‘Well I can bring you baguettes or multigrain bread.’’
    • ‘It comes with pita bread, a multigrain bread or grilled focaccia; we were very pleased with the grilled focaccia that we ordered at the waitress' recommendation.’
    • ‘Bags of six Montreal bagels are available in plain, poppy seed, sesame seed and multigrain.’
    • ‘Dinner begins with a stirato or multigrain roll and a small dish of herbed olive oil.’
    • ‘While Jerry guzzled coffee and ordered all the greasy meat on the menu, Tom fueled up on carbs with multigrain cereal and toast, and protein from eggs and dairy to replenish his power.’
    • ‘The exciting range of breads includes croissant, pumpernickel and multigrain.’
    • ‘He liked homemade carrot juice, nutty sunflower pate, roast jicama with a little balsamic vinegar, organic multigrain bread, and cholesterol-free egg substitute.’
    • ‘Supermarket shelves are stocked with multigrain breads that contain no fiber, fruit beverages with virtually no fruit, vegetable products with essentially no vegetables.’
    • ‘Your best bet may be just a slice of multigrain bread.’
    • ‘For something simpler, the restaurant offers set lunch menus Monday to Friday with a variety of baked meats or seafood, served with multigrain rice that changes weekly.’
    • ‘I top two lowfat multigrain waffles with half a cup of lowfat cottage cheese and a cup of my favorite fruit.’
    • ‘Instead of sweetened cereals, toaster tarts and doughnuts, choose bagels, multigrain cereals and fresh fruit.’
    • ‘That's where I get steak and multigrain pancakes after my workouts.’
    • ‘I was particularly impressed by the eggplant club, which consists of three slices of a crunchy multigrain bread layered with smoked mozzarella, lettuce, thick slices of tomato and eggplant with pesto mayonnaise.’
    • ‘They also have the most topping I have ever seen, by a long shot - the poppy and sesame seeds are in a thick layer, the multigrain always sheds oats, and the cheese and onion (available fresh on Saturdays) is savoury and rich.’