Definition of multigenerational in English:



  • Relating to several generations.

    ‘multigenerational families’
    • ‘The objective of the lesson is to create awareness of universal multigenerational and multicultural values within diverse stories of grandmother-granddaughter friendships within five children's pictorial books.’
    • ‘In genetic disease ethical considerations must be seen in the context of a family and a multigenerational history.’
    • ‘And multigenerational families, who operate most of this country's 2,000 wineries, no longer rely only on emotion to drive pivotal business decisions.’
    • ‘For multigenerational families, both cruises and resorts are good options.’
    • ‘Jane is also pleased that she has been able to turn her business venture into a multigenerational family affair, with her husband and daughter heavily involved in day-to-day operations.’
    • ‘The study shows that about 72% of older people in this province are the main breadwinners in multigenerational households.’
    • ‘Perhaps because black, Hispanic and Asian households tend to be larger and often multigenerational, teens in these groups are significantly more likely than white teens to recognize someone other than their mother or stepmother.’
    • ‘However, the great majority of people perceive themselves to be part of multigenerational families and regard these relationships as very important.’
    • ‘Since the early 1950s affordable single-family homes, distance from traditional multigenerational families and reliable daytime child care have allowed both parents to work outside the home.’
    • ‘The multigenerational welfare family with grandmothers in their forties became typical: young women had babies in their teens because there was no reason not to with welfare waiting to pick up the tab.’
    • ‘In African communities, households range from the nuclear family of parents and their children to a multigenerational extended family.’
    • ‘However, many black South African elders are living in multigenerational homes with family members dependent on their pensions for survival.’
    • ‘Many households are multigenerational so several salaries, stipends, and pensions are combined to support the family, although some young professionals who work for Western companies live on their own.’
    • ‘There are small families and big, extended families, multigenerational families and childless families.’
    • ‘Children are growing up in blended families, families with both parents working, single parent families, multigenerational families, and families headed by grandparents.’
    • ‘The difficulty here lies in collecting complete multigenerational families, particularly for diseases of late onset.’
    • ‘The telephone was once blamed for provoking wars and breaking up the multigenerational family.’
    • ‘It used to be that in the '60s, '70s and even early '80s, you could find a good supply of programs appropriate for multigenerational viewing.’
    • ‘Nurses will notice this when a Korean enters into the health care system accompanied by their multigenerational family members.’
    • ‘But the specialized life history and ecology of sponge-dwelling shrimps foster long-term occupation of specific nest sites by multigenerational family groups.’