Definition of multifold in English:



  • Manifold.

    • ‘The multifold problems of the US economy - its huge external imbalances, its precarious reliance on debt, and its post-bubble traumas - have all been around for many years.’
    • ‘Potential applications for the technology are multifold, he believes.’
    • ‘Our objections are multifold.’
    • ‘From the small core group of Executive Council members and founding fellows who helped create the original committee, this effort has expanded multifold and worldwide over and over.’
    • ‘My reasons for choosing this particularly fine item of clothing were multifold.’
    • ‘For students, the benefits of engaging in volunteer activities and community service are multifold.’
    • ‘Formed as part of the multifold expansion of the army's glider assault forces in 1942, the school was in the forefront of the effort to train the thousands of glider pilots needed during the war.’
    • ‘Paradoxically, the multifold increase in machine-spun yarn called into existence armies of weavers who were still using hand-looms, which reached a peak of 250,000 in Great Britain in the mid-1820s.’
    • ‘The financial impact of vacancies in residence are multifold.’
    • ‘The reason for their decline turns out, from what we know anyway, is multifold and unfortunately all of them are related to human activities.’
    • ‘In Finland, slash-and-burn was often practiced in addition to permanent cultivation to balance crop fluctuations; in the huuhta system the crop could be multifold in favorable conditions.’
    • ‘The causes, as outlined in this chapter, are multifold: subsidising of uneconomic fisheries; a huge increase in vessel numbers and the advanced technology available to and used by them; including for tracking fisheries.’
    • ‘Rather than falling for an either/or trap, the reader merits being encouraged to explore with an open mind the multifold ways in which both worldviews articulate.’
    • ‘The benefits of building a brick barbecue are multifold.’
    • ‘The advantages of adding storm windows to your home are multifold.’
    • ‘The impact of Islam on oral literary production in Hausa culture has been multifold.’
    • ‘If we're talking about going in and occupying that country, that increases the problem multifold.’
    • ‘We must remember again that this procedure is repeated several times, increasing risk multifold.’
    • ‘With this strategy, the advantages were multifold.’
    • ‘Too much sun increases multifold your chance of getting skin cancer.’