Definition of multidirectional in English:



  • Involving or operating in several directions.

    ‘a multidirectional antenna’
    • ‘The episode demonstrates something that many journalists have yet to discover: in an emerging era of multidirectional, digital communications, the audience can be an integral part of the process.’
    • ‘Loyalties are multidirectional and even the most affirmative forms of political direction and identity cannot eradicate the informal, boundary-dissolving, groupings.’
    • ‘An important distinction here is between violence that is unidirectional and violence that is multidirectional.’
    • ‘Good fusion is multidirectional and allows for exchange of ideas and analysis both horizontally and laterally.’
    • ‘In addition, global migration has shifted movement from Europe to the colonies, to multidirectional movements, including from the developing south to the industrialized north.’
    • ‘Hopefully the place will be empty and they have a multidirectional hand drier that's not too high up on the wall, so you can dry it off.’
    • ‘More complicated variations include circular and multidirectional tomography, producing even sharper images.’
    • ‘This multidirectional form of crisis communication allowed the audience to compare and evaluate different sources and to understand better the biases of official information.’
    • ‘Agility is multidirectional speed, or the ability to stop, react, change direction, and start again, all in a split second.’
    • ‘Clinically, thermal treatment or shrinkage is being used for a variety of shoulder problems ranging from microinstability to multidirectional instability.’
    • ‘He chose space in a corner because corners had at least two windows, offering multidirectional views.’
    • ‘The concept of a managed clinical network recognises the need for dynamic interchange between all tiers of service delivery the multidirectional flow of patients, expertise, and resources.’
    • ‘This process is multidirectional and complex, with each dimension interrelated with another, suggesting a dynamic experience without linearity or chronological ordering.’
    • ‘Vibrations are multiple, multidirectional and intermittent.’
    • ‘This complex, multidirectional interplay of forces adds another layer to the traditional centrifugal factors and recent war-induced changes shaping the country and also helps to explain how Afghanistan affects its neighbors.’
    • ‘It took a few minutes to get used to the fast, multidirectional shaking, but once I did I was aware of how all my lower-body and core muscles were contracting as I struggled to keep myself upright.’
    • ‘Aspects of traditional narrative structure may remain, while others are relinquished in order to allow a more open-ended development, fashioned by participators as active agents involved in a multidirectional creative exchange.’
    • ‘All 28 patients had multidirectional shoulder instability with symptoms that failed to resolve after at least a 3-month course of dedicated nonoperative management.’
    • ‘Growth is controlled by the phytohormone gibberellin and can be largely unidirectional, as in elongating stem internodes, or multidirectional, as in expanding leaves.’
    • ‘Our search for evidence is necessarily open, multidirectional and process-oriented in allowing the work of researching to find its own creative form.’