Definition of multiculti in English:



  • Multicultural.

    ‘a celebration of Montreal 's multiculti flavour’
    • ‘‘Hot hoggies’ are presumably Café Mexicano's multiculti answer to the American hoagie, the Cuban sandwich, and the ubiquitous pressed Italian panino.’
    • ‘Even so, Jessica will prove to be a reluctant go-girl freedom fighter, preferring to nest in a multiculti youth hostel, cruise the technogarbage streets with a lesbian sidekick, and steal.’
    • ‘This multiculti crew of increasingly self-defined individuals allows the series to poke into a variety of plot-corners, as well as sustain extended arcs.’
    • ‘Immigration and multiculturalism don't mix, he argues: it is the uniquely American dream the immigrants came here to seek, and the multiculti advocates lead them away from achieving it.’
    • ‘See, his goal of creating a mature, uplifting pop music that reaches beyond simple multiculti fusion is a commendable one.’
    • ‘According to the professor, the winners in an age that values these attributes include gay-friendly San Francisco, laid-back Austin, multiculti New York, and progressive Minneapolis.’
    • ‘Yale may have traded its clubby atmosphere for a more liberal multiculti image.’
    • ‘Only time will tell if this is just some multiculti fad or a real renewal.’
    • ‘So was the NYC percussionist/radio DJ, until he found himself jamming with a bunch of big-haired, open-eared, multiculti Brooklyn musicians.’
    • ‘Skeptical, yes, and some seemed particularly out-front radical, even beyond the obligatory flesh-piercing and rampant multiculti joie de vivre.’
    • ‘What the multiculti Leftists want, on the other hand, is for the tolerance to be all one way.’


  • 1mass noun Popular music incorporating ethnically disparate elements.

    • ‘This multi-genre, multiculti trip-hip-hop-pop is sure to be a favourite of chichi restaurants and boutiques, perhaps finally knocking that Moby CD off constant rotation.’
  • 2An advocate of cultural diversity.

    • ‘Guiding the whole enterprise of citizenship education at Jefferson grammar school in the late 1950s and early 1960s was a belief that the multiculti present would dismiss as hopelessly naive and backward.’
    • ‘Dedicated to full female dignity and equality, it generally eschews both the biological determinism of the gender feminist and the cultural relativism of the multiculti postcolonialist.’


1990s: rhyming alteration of multicultural.