Definition of multicore in English:



  • (especially of an electric cable) containing multiple cores.

    • ‘The new compilers offer enhanced support for multi-core processors.’
    • ‘AMD has already announced that they will be introducing multi-core products in the near future.’
    • ‘And as we have seen in Quake 4, multi-core architectures can be quite efficient in games.’
    • ‘On the database front, Oracle continues to baffle customers with its bizarre fractional pricing scheme to handle the emergence of multicore chips.’
    • ‘Companies such as Sun Microsystems and Intel are looking to build similar functions into their multicore server processors.’
    • ‘Simply put, Google has made some enormous technical breakthroughs using the new multi-core processors.’
    • ‘Intel declined to elaborate this week on the ability of its multicore designs to continue to rely on its frontside bus architecture.’
    • ‘There is no real work that needs to be done to software in order to take advantage of the multicore chips.’
    • ‘More importantly perhaps, AMD insists that its multi-core plans shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.’
    • ‘The story of multicore processing, which is only now just beginning, will of course have an end.’
    • ‘Company says 15 processors in development are based on dual-core and multicore technology.’
    • ‘Intel has released updated compilers designed to help developers create software tuned to multi-core processors, the company said yesterday.’
    • ‘The trick here is very simple: Intel changed the focus from speed of a single-core processor to the performance of multi-core technology.’
    • ‘In addition, Sun said it would cancel the upcoming multicore Gemini processor.’
    • ‘This technology leverages multi-core processor characteristics and enables high-performance processing and data transfer.’
    • ‘Yes, he did touch upon a topic that we are all very anxious to know more about: multi-core technology from Intel.’
    • ‘Sun plans to release the Niagara family of multicore chips about 18 months from now.’
    • ‘These multi-core capabilities can be toggled from the advanced settings menu, and in the Linux version, the option is dimmed.’
    • ‘The most important enhancement is a shift toward multi-core architectures that incorporate two or more processing units on a single chip.’
    • ‘Yep, Azul has come out with one of the most radical multicore designs to date.’