Definition of multicellularity in English:



  • See multicellular

    • ‘Thus it seems likely that the volvocine algae may retain in their genomes more evidence of the pathway that they followed from unicellularity to multicellularity than members of the major multicellular groups do.’
    • ‘This could have been the origin of both multicellularity and the requirement for cell death in multicellular organisms.’
    • ‘From sponges and coelenterates, I learned about the fundamentals of multicellularity: how cells can communicate and cooperate, how you can build a more complex whole from simpler parts.’
    • ‘Although highly derived, it is nevertheless the prototypical eukaryote, unencumbered by the requirements of multicellularity.’
    • ‘This supracellular, or organismal, approach towards multicellularity seems to have allowed sessile plants to adapt to life on land and to evolve even within hostile environments.’