Definition of multibuy in English:



  • [usually as modifier] A purchase of two or more articles at a special discount compared to the price when bought separately:

    ‘multibuy offers’
    • ‘This multibuy offer allows you to choose any four of the varieties of baby cereal listed below and save 10% on our normal price.’
    • ‘Its new Smart Card can be used for multibuys, wash clubs and loyalty promotions.’
    • ‘When you purchase additional tickets to any performance you pay the multibuy price.’
    • ‘Useful products pictures are available and there are plenty of regular online offers, discounts and multibuys on offer to shoppers including internet exclusives.’
    • ‘We realise that people may want to buy more than 1 or 2 directories, so we are now offering a discount for multibuys.’
    • ‘The first is that multibuys and other discounts are indispensable tactics.’
    • ‘The one a little further into town never closes, has more variety (and strange offers - multibuys on odd fruit juices, the bottles covered in arabic script), seems cheaper, and has stuff like baklava, not to mention the people in there seem more amicable then your average supermarket dwellers.’