Definition of multi-utility in English:



  • A privatized utility which has extended or combined its business to offer its customers additional services (especially those of another privatized utility).

    • ‘This type of company is called a multi-utility in Europe and is quite popular there.’
    • ‘The company has now completed the U-turn in its strategy which has seen it rowing back from its grand plans to become a multinational multi-utility.’
    • ‘Electricity is the major focus now and a multi-utility of power, water and telecoms is most definitely off the menu.’
    • ‘For example, consumers are increasingly able to choose between energy suppliers, with the emergence of multi-utilities (gas and electricity companies) offering to provide both gas and electricity.’
    • ‘All these multi-utilities are chasing the same holy grail - selling a range of disparate services to the millions of names already on their books.’