Definition of mullygrub in English:


(also mulligrub)


NZ, Australian
  • A grub, especially a witchetty grub.

    ‘we'd dig in the fowl yard for mullygrubs to feed to the hens’
    • ‘I fished in the river for yellow belly perch, using mulligrubs or worms for bait.’
    • ‘Those working on the seed and the roots are the wire-worms and the "mully-grubs".’
    • ‘A swat that would squash a housefly to a mullygrub will barely faze a deerfly.’
    • ‘The tiny ant can pull many times his weight; I have seen them pull mullygrubs at least two hundred times their size.’


Early 20th century: perhaps from dialect mully-grub-gurgeon ‘a grub that feeds on coarse meal’. Compare with mulligrub.