Definition of mulgara in English:



  • A rat-sized carnivorous marsupial with a pointed snout, large eyes, and a short crested tail, native to central Australia.

    • ‘It is believed that the population of the mulgara is dependent on the quality of each season.’
    • ‘Many creatures are nocturnal but if you take your night vision goggles you could see dunnarts, mulgaras, dingoes, kangaroos, rabbits, foxes, camels and donkeys.’
    • ‘The Kowari is coloured ashy-grey, and its distinguishing feature is the brush of black hairs on the end of its tail, which differs from that found in the mulgaras in that it completely encircles the end of the tail.’
    • ‘A mulgara avoids exposure to heat during the hot part of the day by remaining in its burrow.’
    • ‘The marsupial mole has no eyes and burrows in the sand, while the mulgara is a sharp-toothed, insect-eating animal.’


1940s: probably from Wangganguru (an Aboriginal language) mardagura.