Definition of mulga apple in English:

mulga apple


  • A large edible gall produced by the mulga, an Australian acacia tree.

    ‘these honeypot ants gather nectar from the mulga apple’
    • ‘The sweet material, afterwards made into honey by the ants, may be derived from the mulga apple.’
    • ‘Mulga apples were added to their diet along the way.’
    • ‘If the desert people lose their language, who will know its special word for the white powder that forms on the mulga apple?’
    • ‘These latter galls are called mulga-apples and are said to be very welcome to the thirsty traveller.’
    • ‘The mulga bears a small woody fruit called the mulga apple.’
    • ‘The mulga apples are quite pleasant, as well.’
    • ‘In the season, he eats the native peach and the mulga apple, two of the fruits indigenous to this part of the world.’
    • ‘Little is recorded about mulga apples beyond the fact that they have a sweet taste and that both the gall itself, and the wasp larva in its centre, are eaten.’
    • ‘Leaving the neighbourhood of Lake Kumarina, they travelled farther north, gathering the mulga apples by the way.’
    • ‘Another important food provided by the mulga tree in the cooler months is the mulga apple.’