Definition of muleta in English:



  • A red cloth fixed to a stick, brandished by a matador during a bullfight.

    • ‘In the final section the torero (star matador) engages the bull with his elegance and control, then exchanges the purple and yellow capote (large cape) for the red muleta (smaller cape) and curved sword.’
    • ‘Just as he had been told it would, just as the rule proclaimed, the black mass slipped past his shaking body, following the command of the muleta.’
    • ‘The matador enters the ring alone, having swapped his pink and gold cape for the red muleta.’
    • ‘The bull-fighters enter, with their attendants carrying their swords and muletas.’
    • ‘Manolo Sánchez is a very refined torero, great with the muleta but rather weak with the sword.’
    • ‘Using banderillas and the muleta, his performances with both are varied, as are his movements with the cape.’