Definition of Muldoonism in English:



mass nounNZ
  • The political policies associated with the former New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon.

    ‘economic policy changes were needed in the mid-1980s after nine years of Muldoonism’
    • ‘We cast off the shackles of Muldoonism—still struggling with issues of national identity, but more tolerant of diversity, more accepting, and considerably freer.’
    • ‘It could be clearly seen that the end of Muldoonism was fast approaching.’
    • ‘There is a name for this sort of assault on the democratic process and rule of law: Muldoonism.’
    • ‘While ostensibly criticizing a return to Muldoonism and the politics of personal destruction, he immediately descends to them himself.’
    • ‘They know that capping tertiary fees is just a return to the Muldoonism of price controls.’
    • ‘After all these years, an accusation of Muldoonism remains a potent insult.’
    • ‘The government's solution is to make the decision and impose it by monarchical fiat—this is Muldoonism, pure and simple.’
    • ‘We cannot rack up unsustainable levels of debt, with all the hallmarks of Muldoonism.’
    • ‘It looks a bit like a return to the sad old days of Muldoonism, when all prices were fixed.’
    • ‘In New Zealand, these ideas would be considered heresy, a return to Muldoonism.’