Definition of mukti in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌkti//ˈmʊkti/


  • another term for moksha
    • ‘She was an ascetic, and she believed in worship of impersonal Brahman, and mukti.’
    • ‘This is technically known as mukti or liberation.’
    • ‘He cast aside all clothes and subjected his body to severe hardships for thirteen years when finally he found full enlightenment and mukti.’
    • ‘The Goddess, Devi, gives both mukti and bhukti - liberation and worldly enjoyment.’
    • ‘Guru Gobind Singh personally blessed them as having achieved mukti and cremated them at Muktsar.’
    • ‘In India, for example, missionary translators discovered that the Hindi word for salvation - mukti - was tinged with the Hindu notion of release from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.’
    • ‘They get this state, which is called mukti, through the grace of God.’
    • ‘Its devotee does not lose his individuality by merging with God, and, even on attaining mukti, continues to serve Krishna with unalloyed selfless love.’


From Hindi, Sanskrit, literally ‘release, deliverance’.