Definition of mukhtar in English:



  • (in Turkey and some Arab countries) the head of local government of a town or village.

    • ‘The following list contains the names of Khabor villages, their makeup, names of their churches, priests and mukhtars.’
    • ‘In these southern areas, Bedouins are represented by mukhtars as well as village councils.’
    • ‘Fifty school principals and mukhtars from the newly liberated area were lectured on how to educate students and residents about the dangers of land mines on Sunday.’
    • ‘The central government, our staff says, is not relevant; even local mukhtars have been displaced or coopted by militias.’
    • ‘The government refused therefore to recognize that these mukhtars had any de jure authority.’
    • ‘But the mukhtars are under government orders to send the women directly to the police.’
    • ‘The difference, they say, stems from a new approach of relying on sheiks and mukhtars - the tribal and local leaders who wield enormous influence among some 75,000 people in hundreds of villages and small towns south of the city of Mosul.’
    • ‘Not all municipalities and mukhtars found in the competition area may be indicated in the list below.’
    • ‘And finally, mukhtars are surely classic politicians, as my interview subject kept his answers short and close to the vest.’


From Arabic muḵtār, passive participle of iḵtāra ‘choose’.