Definition of muishond in English:



South African
  • Any of a number of small carnivorous mammals, especially of the weasel or mongoose families.

    • ‘They are part of the plans to formalize access to this wonderful near-wilderness area, where big game wanders unfenced and you are as likely to see an elephant as a muishond on your bush walks.’
    • ‘I allude to a little creature about the bigness of three rats, which is called a muishond.’
    • ‘I can't see how the springbok can be politically incorrect as I have it, it is still our national animal or has it been replaced by the "muishond".’
    • ‘We've got bushbuck, blue duiker, grey duiker, spotted genet, four species of mongoose (muishond) and then vervet monkeys (blou-aap).’


Late 18th century: from South African Dutch, transferred use of Dutch muishond ‘weasel’.