Definition of mugwort in English:



  • A plant of the daisy family, with aromatic divided leaves that are dark green above and whitish below, native to north temperate regions.

    Genus Artemisia, family Compositae: several species, in particular the common English hedgerow plant A. vulgaris, which has long been connected with magic and superstition

    • ‘Although it can be made from a variety of herbs, moxa (short for moxibustion) is generally made from the mugwort plant.’
    • ‘The pathways of the labyrinth are constructed from paving stones recycled from other New York city parks and lined with grass, clover and mugwort.’
    • ‘The shrub layer includes mugwort, red osier, silver buffaloberry, and Woods' rose.’
    • ‘The European mugwort, A. vulgaris, enjoyed a high medicinal reputation for curing certain complaints, as a spring tonic, and to prevent fatigue.’
    • ‘Confusing mugwort with wormwood is at the level of confusing potato with black nightshade because they share the genus Solanum.’
    • ‘A natural ingredient in the oil of a variant of the weed known as mugwort could lessen the woes of U.S. catfish farmers and Asian rice growers.’
    • ‘Other excellent herbs for depression are mugwort and lavender.’
    • ‘As a contrast to the greens and purples, silver mugworts also provide great interest in the border.’
    • ‘His front yard has lots of lavender and rosemary growing in it, but the mugwort and rue are threatening to take over.’
    • ‘Only several grams of mugwort are needed for a cup of tea.’


Old English mucgwyrt (see midge, wort).