Definition of Mughlai in English:


(also Moghlai, Moglai)


  • (of food or a dish) cooked in an Indian style involving one of a variety of rich, spicy sauces, typically containing butter, yogurt, or cream.

    • ‘At Shisha, a new restaurant-cum-lounge, the Hyderabadis can enjoy both Indian and Mughlai food.’
    • ‘An Indian or Mughlai dish cannot give the noodles or fried rice the taste that is expected, so it is not made and served, Mr. John explains.’
    • ‘It is said that he brought Moghlai food to the South.’
    • ‘Delhi Darbar is a great place to dive into traditional Moghlai and Indian dishes, cooked with rich ingredients and spices.’
    • ‘Parsee food is influenced equally by the fare of Gujarat and Maharashtra as by Mughlai and British Colonial styles.’
    • ‘Some immigrants even cook the bird in the Mughlai way, smearing it red with tandoori paste; others spice it up with Indian condiments.’
    • ‘On our first night out we had options of comedy shows, musical events, fine dining options all the way from Mughlai and Ethiopian to sushi and steaks.’
    • ‘It's not the Chinese or Moghlai dishes served there, but ice creams that are waiting to melt in your mouth.’
    • ‘Widening the gastronomic horizons are the Cantonese, Japanese, Afghan, Punjabi, Mughlai, Indonesian styles, all there to whet one's appetite.’
    • ‘Students cooked up a variety of cuisines - Chinese and Mughlai to Continental and the good old South Indian fare.’
    • ‘The food was elaborately catered, usually from some Mughlai restaurant.’


Urdu muġlaī ‘in a Mughal style’.