Definition of Muggletonian in English:



  • A member of a small Christian sect founded in England c.1651 by Lodowicke Muggleton (1609–98) and John Reeve (1608–58), who claimed to be the two witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation (Rev. 11:3–6). Despite many eccentric doctrines, the sect survived into the late 19th century.

    • ‘Millenarian hopes and visions surfaced at the time of the Peasants' Revolt and again among 17th-cent. sects such as the ranters, Muggletonians, Fifth Monarchy men, and some early Quakers.’
    • ‘This remarkable and delightful book traces the continuous history of the Muggletonian sect from its mid-seventeenth-century origins to 1979, when the last Muggletonian passed away.’
    • ‘The group of six Baxter oil prints shown here was made in 1846 for the private use of the Muggletonians, a religious sect in England.’
    • ‘I have cultivated an appreciation for the sense of humor displayed in a comment made in 1656 by John Reeve, the self-styled prophet of the British sect known as the Muggletonians.’
    • ‘Some, like the Ranters and Muggletonians, may never have existed as an identifiable and proselytizing movement as such: perhaps they served primarily as scarecrows, and as targets for legislation such as the Blasphemy Act of 1650.’


  • Relating to the Muggletonians.

    • ‘I had been trying to track down the Muggletonian archive for a few years when a correspondence about Muggletonian doctrine commenced in the Times Literary Supplement.’
    • ‘He worked from 1631 as a tailor for his cousin, William Reeve, whose brother John co-founded the Muggletonian sect.’