Definition of mudwort in English:



  • A very small creeping plant that grows in mud and damp soils in north temperate regions.

    Limosella aquatica, family Scrophulariaceae

    • ‘Although there is an impressive list of plant species - including mudwort, a nationally scarce plant - it is the birds, particularly the waders, that represent the reserve's primary importance.’
    • ‘Widespread stoloniferous herbs of wet habitats are the buttercup Ranunculus flammula and mudwort, Limosella subulata.’
    • ‘It supports a range of rare and scarce species, including mudwort, stone loach, and a range of invertebrates.’
    • ‘The Nosterfield reserve is already home to some 200 plants, including the nationally-scarce mudwort and blunt-flowered rush.’
    • ‘This is vital feeding ground for many birds, and is home to the county rare plant, mudwort.’