Definition of Mudville in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • (in sport, especially baseball) used with reference to the emotions felt by fans or a team according to the outcome of a game.

    ‘there was joy in Mudville following the Vancouver Bar Association league ‘A’ division championship’
    • ‘That's the MacDougall Tartan over Mudville today.’
    • ‘But there is no joy in Mudville: mighty Casey has struck out.’
    • ‘But never fear, here in Mudville we always look on the bright side of life.’
    • ‘Joy returned to Mudville on a muggy Saturday night, perhaps only briefly, considering the lingering problems this Astros club must address.’
    • ‘Emboldened by the luck of facing a baseball team from Boston in a championship, Mudville anticipates certain victory.’
    • ‘The punch is gone; there'll be no joy in Mudville; the game is no longer relevant, it's no longer popping.’


The name of a fictional town in E. L. Thayer's poem ‘Casey at the Bat’ (1888), which features the defeat of its baseball team.