Definition of mudflap in English:



  • A flap that hangs behind the wheel of a vehicle and is designed to prevent water and stones thrown up from the road from hitting the bodywork or any following vehicles.

    • ‘It also comes in two versions - one tuned for the racetrack and one for the road complete with headlamps and mudflaps.’
    • ‘On the outside, customers can choose reversing sensors, headlamp protectors, fog lights, front and rear mudflaps, a silver grille mesh, a sunroof, cycle carriers, towbar, alloy wheels on 14-inch rims and ski and snowboard carriers.’
    • ‘Giugiaro claims that it will have an entire line of ‘accessories’ especially designed for the car - think belts and handbags rather than mudflaps and hanging dice.’
    • ‘He's always ordering stuff for that run-down old Chevy pickup of his - things like chrome wheelguards, bedliners, Jeff Gordon mudflaps, and those ‘Bad Boy’ rear-window decals.’
    • ‘There were at least 30 other cyclists already there, all in full-body rain suits, their mountain bikes equipped with fenders and mudflaps, bike lights, and giant saddlebags.’
    • ‘Seen on the mudflaps of a semi truck: ‘Jesus is Love.’’